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Every 33 seconds someone dies from a heart attack.

Did you know that heart attacks are the number 1 killer globally ? That having high blood pressure puts you at risk of a heart attack ? That 50% of the population have high blood pressure ? - yes - thats 1 in 2 people AND 1 in 25 children aged 12-19 also have hypertension .

Elevated blood pressure is anything over 120 / 80

Improving heart health and your cardiorespiratory system is the number one way to improve and increase your life span and health span. In short sitting for extended periods of time is killing you whether it is at work or if its your lifestyle.

Participating in Vigorous exercise within short periods of time  or otherwise referred to as interval training  is a great way to exercise your heart and it turns out it has other benefits to your brain and organs too.

Interval training whereby you ramp up the intensity of the exercise but maintain it for shorter periods of time , you focus on the intensity rather than the duration . You cannot maintain high intensity for a long duration . ( they have an inverse relationship )  in other words the harder your intensity is - the less amount of time you are able to sustain the exercise for .

High intensity exercise causes the release of lactic acid which is amazing fuel for your brain and other organs . It is so amazing it can actually help you to think , grow more brain cells , prevent altzhimers and dementia and help you to increase your longevity- years of good health .

There are many protocols to train high intensity but if you are short on time then this is a perfect way to get that heart of yours working . All I would say is just start by moving then work your way up the intensity ladder - in order to prevent injury or go too hard too fast.

Find something you enjoy - walking , dancing, playing tennis, swimming , running with the dog  or fast walking etc and do it on a regular basis . On a level of 1-10 - if 10 is your maximum - you want to be exerting a level 8. Climb stairs on a regular basis , walk the airport and shopping mall, park your car far away from the shops and learn to move again .

When you move with sufficient intensity it is ok to stop for a recovery period . Walk fast between benches , take the stairs , march on the spot what ever it takes to get your heart rate up.

Exercise is your friend - its a magic pill and along with all the lifespan positives it yields- it will lift your mood, increase your energy and drive, , help you to work out problems and solutions and prevent excess weight and increase fat loss - being over weight or carrying excess body fat has its own set of problems

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to get you or someone you love or care about moving on a daily basis .


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