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Get Fit with
Katie Handyside
Personal Training and Nutrition

Guaranteed Results

Clase de Crossfit

Holiday training , PERSONAL MOBILE TRAINING at your location : Villa, Hotel, Beach or Yacht. Servicing South West Mallorca

Calling all WOMEN in your 40´s it is essential you are resistance training,  cardiovascular training and preparing yourself for the next 2 DECADES

It's NEVER too late to start training - I work with people in their mid 80´s to improve quality of life. Do not underestimate the power of starting to move your body.

About Katie Handyside Personal Training and Nutrition

Results Guaranteed

As a professional Fitness Coach, my passion is to help you :  towards a  healthier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. My method is to build a custom plan based on your individual health, around your schedule and more importantly ; your personal fitness goals.


It is NEVER too late to START training ! Since 2004 I have been in  business here in Mallorca. I am very passionate about getting the older generation moving - because I have seen how it transforms lives- allowing you to keep doing the activities you love well into the last decades of your life.


I also enjoy working with peri menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal women since resistance training, cardiovascular training and intervals along with a healthy balanced diet can mitigate and side effects and actually elicit more happiness in your 60´s and beyond ! 


Growing older does not need to be negative .

It is NEVER too late to start training 

Aging is inevitable but losing your fitness is a choice


My background is very mixed : weight training, a multitude of competitive triathlons, bike sportifs, 70.3 Ironmans, cross fit, spartans and army selection . I enjoy everything from swimming to running , dancing and adventure racing.

Medicine in in movement.

I coach you, my client to reach your goals, to believe in yourself and make you realise that everything you want is possible, to be accountable and set realistic achievable goals. 


Provided you put the work in, results are guaranteed!

“Whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve“.

Katie is one of those people who makes you want to do better because she gives you the motivation and courage to push the barriers. When you think you can't do any more she pushes you to reach deeper and realise that you can!. She can change your life if you let her in.

Moira Rooney

Katie is a lovely person and a tough coach, I highly recommend her as a personal trainer and I will definitely work with her again when I’m back in Palma. Thank you for making me work hard, I really had wonderful and inspirational training-sessions!

David Schaerer

Quite simply the best investment I have ever made in myself and one which has an amazingly positive effect. The training sessions are always varied and, accompanied by Katie’s ‘kick ass’ attitude, the results have far exceeded my expectations.

Captain Greg Butler-Davis

Contact Me

Santa Ponca, South West
Palma de Mallorca

+34 636 322 959

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