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Katie is a fantastic personal trainer. We worked together after I had ACL surgery. Katie really supported my recovery and got me back up and running (pun intended). I really appreciate her approach, she’s very in tune with the health, wellness & fitness industry. I’ve had many engaging conversations about training styles, approaches, nutrition and diet. Her diverse knowledge and experience means that no two training sessions are the same, which keeps it fresh and interesting. If you want to get fit and stay fit, I highly recommend working with Katie.

Andrew Smout

Katie was my personal trainer during my stay in Palma. She's an absolutely lovely person and a strict trainer. She made me work hard with excellent results. Thank you Katie, I'll definitely come back to work out with you.

David Schärer

Boot camp and circuit training have been a real workout for getting the blood pumping and metabolism working once again for me. After many years of not being able to do simple everyday things such as running, squats and lifting, it has given me a great boost to believe I can get there again, even if at a slower pace than the rest of the pack! I’m not made to feel out of place for not being as fit as the others.

Christine Siegel


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