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What I Do


Feel amazing, look fantastic

I sepcialise in Over 40´s being born in 1975- I would say I am fitter now than I was in my 20´s. Regardless of age I am here to inspire and motivate you in which ever capacity I can - on holiday , as a resident or starting a fitness and nutritional programme.

Group Fitness

Workout out in a group for added fun

Working out as part of a group is motivational, fun and adds a different dynamic as opposed to personalised training. We can organise a beach workout or a group workout at your villa


supplementing an already healthy diet

We all have nutritional gaps . I have a genetic deficiency in Vitamin D so I supplement . You ? Do you have regular blood tests to check for deficiencies ? Find out how to get started and receive a 5% discount off the Scientifically based supplements Life extension : using this code : 70024699

Online Training

Brought to your company or home

I work with clients globally - motivating corporations prior to the workday. Group and Personal Training : online. Training and Nutrition brought directly to you to keep you motivated

Home gym design

Designed for your home and needs

I design and help you to create a working gym at your home or office that you will actually use. It does not have to be costly but it means you have no excuse not to work out .

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