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Luxury Mobile Training

Strong in Body & Mind

Training delivered to your doorstep - because there is no getting away if you have an appointment.

I can help you to reach your health goals what ever they may be.

  • weight loss

  • improved body composition

  • training for a specific event

  • designing a program

  • motivation and just get you moving!

Remember a time in your life when you felt great about yourself ? I can help you to get back there!

Together we can plan a strategy, regularly monitor your progress and motivate you using varied training techniques. I constantly change up the programs to keep the sessions both challenging and fun- all you need to do is get in touch.

Using the latest technology such as the Tanita Body Composition Analysis machine I am able to track your progress with an accurate measurement of your body fat and muscle mass.

“Set your goals high, and don't stop till you get there”—Boo Jackson

Mobile Service

Stay at home mum? On holiday? Too busy to make time to travel to a workout or you want to introduce a workout at work?

Using the great outdoors is a fun and very functional way to exercise- especially here is the beautiful surroundings of Mallorca, nature’s paradise.

It is possible for us to train at your house, on the beach, at your work, villa or hotel – I come to you!

We can train inside or out- on the beach – your choice- using the great outdoors is not only a fun way to exercise it is extremely functional (you burn 30% more calories working out in the sand) and what better way to pass the time than being under the umbrella blue sky of Mallorca’s paradise?

I have several pieces of mobile equipment like kettle bells that I can transport but equally there are many exercises we can do simply using your body weight. You are your own gym!

Perhaps you have a home gym and you just need some coaching or a program to get you started?

Book a consultation and we can discuss where you would like to train.


Guaranteed Results

Entrenamiento de gimnasio
Posición de perro hacia arriba
Gimnasio moderno
Mujer en forma
Clase de Crossfit
Ejercicio de plancha
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