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#I❤️bonebroth #quickhealthymeals

Why ?

Because it’s a brilliant base for soups and stews.

When you add veggies it’s a complete meal

It’s full of collagen , amino acids, good fats and minerals from the bones

It fills you up

It’s a great post workout recovery brew - helping you to smash out another workout tomorrow

It’s completely natural

And it’s heart warming comfort food ready to give you a warm hug at the end of he day ❤️

I use a slow cooker because it cooks everything at a medium to low heat so does not denature the proteins ( damage )

It also does not destroy the nutritional content

And you can pop everything in and go about your day

I simply pop whatever bones I have ( chicken , beef , lamb or fish ) add some water and a splash of vinegar which helps to extract all the minerals out of the bones

Leave simmering on low for a few days

Next you have 2 options , continue cooking the bones until they are so soft you can process the whole lot into a very Rick stock - beware this has a very strong flavour - cook for 2-3 days more

Otherwise squeeze all the nutrition out from the bones using a sieve and discard the pulp

Here you have your nutritious stock

Place in the fridge

Remove the fat ( this can be used for making pastry ) or simply discard

Put this remaining stock liquid on a low heat and add :

( my favourite flavours )

Mushroom selection and garlic

Broccoli and blue cheese

Cauliflower and ginger

Sweet potato and chilli


Mixture of all the green vegetables you can find

I then simmer on a low heat until veggies are soft and put into my nutribullet with either Kerrigold butter or olive oil and blend to a delicious creamy soup

Lip smackingly good and a meal in one

Perfect for the busy person short on time

Eat half and freeze half

Note also the bone broth can be frozen

Bone broth can also be eaten as it is- add a pinch of sea salt

Slow cooked cauliflower and ginger on a bed of greens with toasted macadamias


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