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A little bit about...WHAT KATIE DOES.. and what katie intends to do ....

Besides being a #mobilePersonalTrainerPalma that is in and around #Palma , mainly including #PuertoPortals , #Costad´enBlanes, #SonVida, #SoldeMallorca , #Portixol and surrounding areas but in generally buzzing around #Mallorca wherever business, bikes, runs or sporting activities take her

A huge part of my #personaltraining service is to give advice and clarity on #nutrition -since nutrition is 80 % of the battle . Not only for people trying to #loseweight or more specifically fat ( which is many of the people I tend to do personal training with here in Mallorca ) but also if you want to #ge fit, have #moreenergy , be #healthier or# improveathleticperformance .

You would not put dirty fuel in a Ferrari - so why would you feed yourself bad food choices and then expect to perform on a high level on a daily basis ?As a mum, a business person, an employee, a husband, wife, brother or just your average person going about your day - you must want to be firing on all four cylinders. What you eat affects how you feel and how you feel affects everyone around you.

So if you want o be a better person or feel like a better person then #Nutrition and #Exercise are your magic keys to success

These are especially important ( I´m sorry to say the next sentence ) ….as you get older.

There was never a better cliched term than ´we are what we eat ´

We can all remember the days when we were tearing around and could pretty much eat exactly what we wanted and as much as we wanted . Or perhaps you remember the times when simply skipping a day of eating would redeem your #flatstomach ?

Sadly those days are numbered for 90 % of us . We spend our entire lives trying to crack the weight loss code and maintain a physique we feel great in.

My goal of 2021 is to maintain my blog. I want to deliver you current and relevant news on #Sports, Nutrition, #Weight -loss, #Health ,# Anti- aging , #Fitness , #PersonaltraininginMallorca , #sportseventsinMallorca and all the other amazing information I spend all my time immersing myself in but never seem to make the time to package it up in a neat blog and make sure it is out there for you to read.

It is my mission to somehow clear up all the grey area that surrounds Nutrition, Training ,Exercise Programs , what to eat and when and even help you out with some of the Training I do with my Personal Training clients here in Palma , Mallorca

Since I started my Personal Training and Nutrition business here in# PalmaMallorca ( or #Majorca to some of the UK residents !!!! ) I have always written for publications ( newspapers and #yachtingmagazines ) - The Island Buzz Newspaper back in 2005 , Celebrity magazine , #TheDailyBulletin, #Theislandermagazine , #Dockwalk and #Nourishtheguide are a few…. many on a weekly basis … that’s a lot of work let me tell you.

I decided to resign in the end as I found I was spending all of this time writing for other people when I thought I should be channeling all this energy into my own business : #KatieHandysidePersonaltrainingan Nutrition #PalmaMallorca.

However ( big snag ) time behind a computer for me is tricky ….. I am a hands on , active person who is hardly at home never mind making time to write- I do not have an office job for a reason !!!! and I’m not very good at sitting on my bum. The additional excuse is that you really need to be in the mood for writing - for me this would be the mornings ideally - however I am always training - and on the weekend mornings - I am training myself !

My best ideas come when I’m exercising - and by the time I’m done I’ve raced off to do something else and the inspiration has gone.

I do realise however that imparting all the useful information that I am learning daily - plus all my years of experience - could be very valuable to you AND as I mentioned could help to clear up all the rubbish I see flying around on the internet.

I want o be a source of information that you can trust and rely on ( on a regular basis …Katie !!!!!!!) where you can look to #achieve some of your #goals or at least have my opinion on how best to get you your #bestbody, mind and level of energy.

Do feel free to write in with a question ? - I will always answer it -all my contact details are on my website - along with some older blog posts you may find useful. . Its always good to know what you are interested in - I am terrible at assuming that you know what I know and its only when I sit down and chat to people that I appreciate how incredibly confused everyone is today because they are completely overloaded with information , bombarded left right and center and how on earth are you supposed to know what is correct and what is not ?

Some people have interpreted the information incorrectly or some of the information is simply incorrect !

Heres to wrapping up ( almost ) 2020 and here’s to my regular blog

Thanks for reading

Have a healthy week of awesome workouts.

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