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Besides being a #mobilePersonalTrainerPalma that is in and around #Palma , mainly including #PuertoPortals , #Costad´enBlanes, #SonVida, #SoldeMallorca , #Portixol and surrounding areas but in generally buzzing around #Mallorca wherever business, bikes, runs or sporting activities take her A huge part of my #personaltraining service is to give advice and clarity on #nutrition -since nutrition is 80 % of the battle . Not only for people trying to #loseweight or more specifical


Join our weekly #Mallorca #fitness #excursions . We have a 52 peak challenge this year 2020. We welcome anyone who wants to get out there and explore this beautiful island. We combine a moderate level of fitness activities ; a great day out as a ´rest day´ for some of us or challenging and fun for those who are keen to put baseline training levels to the test or liken yourself to a weekend warrior ! Either way I can guarantee you make new friends or business contacts whilst

The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil also contains Omega 3 and is the reason the Mediterranean cuisine is considered healthy with traditional Mediterranean populations sporting low heart disease and longevity.  Extra virgin olive oil is a winner served cold. I recommend Son Mir extra virgin olive oil, made here on Mallorca. Including these fats in your diet will not only cause you to eat less because you will feel full a lot quicker, but they will keep you satiated so you will not eat as much. This giv