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Join our weekly #Mallorca #fitness #excursions . We have a 52 peak challenge this year 2020. We welcome anyone who wants to get out there and explore this beautiful island.

We combine a moderate level of fitness activities ; a great day out as a ´rest day´ for some of us or challenging and fun for those who are keen to put baseline training levels to the test or liken yourself to a weekend warrior !

Either way I can guarantee you make new friends or business contacts whilst you enjoy the ever changing eclectic company of people who enjoy doing the same thing as you do.

My #Personal #Training clients enjoy this weekly excursion as a complimentary "exercise" to our weight training sessions. They really feel that their fitness is improving and they are able to do climbs that they never would have considered in the beginning.

We have a professional fully qualified guide to check weather, routes, navigation and everything else we need to ensure a safe day out. ( Thanks Nicky )


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