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The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

Olive oil also contains Omega 3 and is the reason the Mediterranean cuisine is considered healthy with traditional Mediterranean populations sporting low heart disease and longevity.  Extra virgin olive oil is a winner served cold. I recommend Son Mir extra virgin olive oil, made here on Mallorca.

Including these fats in your diet will not only cause you to eat less because you will feel full a lot quicker, but they will keep you satiated so you will not eat as much. This gives you adequate time to burn the calories from your last meal AND those fat stores too! Not only do these fats protect your heart, brain and insides, help to nourish your cells and build muscle, balance your hormones and are full of antioxidants ,easing inflammation but they give you a ton of energy too. So no excuses not to cram in that quick workout!


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