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What´s been cooking? My famous fish soup

This is so easy to throw together for the busy person.

First you take my infamous chicken stock recipe then you grab whatever fish you like from the fish counter plus a head of cauliflower

You then steam the cauliflower first in a later of chicken stock until soft

Add 3-4 fish fillets of your choice ( I used Salmon and a white filet that was reduced at the end of the day - half price )

This takes a few minutes to pour in the liquid - throw it all in the blender or nutri-bullet with some freshly ground pepper and a pinch of curry ( optional )

Thats it ! Delicious hot or cold- if you put it in the fridge the chicken stock and fish merge to a thick jelly substance which sounds revolting but tastes delicious and all you need to think of is that’s its full of collagen and thick and creamy.

Full of amino acids, minerals, vitamin, fibre, collagen, antioxidants and more.

Perfect as a post workout meal or an anti aging broth.

For more recipes drop me a line for my cookery book - "The Busy persons guide to Healthy Eating".


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