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Swimming ...sometimes I feel like I am out of my depth...

Having been a triathlete for about ten years … ( although I stopped about three years ago, tired of training for events instead of training when , what and how I feel like training. ) You would think I should be pretty good ?- however in the realm of sports - put up against proper swimmers - I feel that as a fit, strong person -I´m simply just not that fast in the water and how should I put it ? .....a lot of wasted energy ?

Yup - my swimming technique has always been sadly pretty rubbish- I mean I can swim forever without tiring - 3-4 kms no problem- but I only have one speed ( slow ) .

I love to swim , I love to learn and improve and I love to do sports so a weekend of swimming sounded like bliss to me - and indeed it exceeded my very expectation.

I loved the whole weekend and in fact today - Monday - I'm looking forward to next weekend where its rinse and repeat. This will be the final weekend at The Best swim Sports Center although I fully intend to continue my training - I want to continue to sea swim through out the winter for the cold water benefits and swimming fits in with my gym work . And anyway - why the heckers not get better ? Or at least attempt to improve ?

When one lives in the Mediterranean it seems crazy not to swim - right ?

The open water weekend consisted of 3 days of swimming in the sea ( obviously not continuously :-) ) with a session in the pool on technique. I really enjoy doing the swim drills - its amazing that even after just one drill session you feel as though your stroke has improved.

So that’s this past weekend - this coming weekend I believe its the same program - and I am already excited -I love having a weekend of sports- I am hoping that if I continue the drills I can speed up my swimming and become more efficient . Its all about practice... and practice makes perfect Katie !


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