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Increased weight gain and loss of muscle mass may happen if you are not exercising particularly as you age this could also lead to a loss of your sex drive.… sex is passion and makes you feel alive …but if you have lost your sex drive maybe you have lost your mojo in general?

If this bothers you then read on

“ I’ve always heard that women become less interested in sex as they get older, but I’m in my early 50s and my libido is higher than it was when I was in my 20s. ”

My first question when anyone complains of an ailment of any description …. Lack of energy, low self esteem, depression, high blood pressure , weight gain, no sex drive  …etc…. is ARE YOU EXERCISING ???? … ( if only more Doctors would lead with this question )

Exercise is the key to renewed energy , increased confidence, balancing hormones and yes it also increases your sex drive . Increasing blood flow through out the body including to the genital area ”

“ Obesity and inactivity have led to an increasing number of individuals with sexual dysfunctions (43% of women; 31% of men). Small bouts of exercise can drastically improve sexual functioning….. Improvements in physiological sexual arousal following acute exercise.. ”

“ exercise interventions have alleviated sexual concerns in 2 specific clinical populations: women with anti-depressant-induced sexual dysfunction and women who have undergone hysterectomies.”

The type of exercise you do matters - make sure to include

Strength training - build strength and muscle or at least mitigate muscle loss . This will help you to look great naked and drives your metabolism

Cardiovascular activity - anything you enjoy to get the heart rate  up - in exertion terms you should be able to talk but given the choice you would rather not

Interval training - pushing yourself in short intervals - to get totally out of breath

Nutrition - 80% of the time good clean healthy nourishing foods which help with recovery , support the body and brain with antioxidant protection and protein which helps with muscle mass

Drink water - this will supply you with energy all day

Have your hormones tested and seek out a decent neurologist who can advise you accordingly

If you want to pursue the herbal root :

Ginseng root ( no pun intended ) is considered an adaptogenic herb supporting our physical and mental health - Asain ginseng ( Panic ginseng or Panic quinquefolius ) and Mac root ( Peruvian ginseng, Lepidus meyenii ) are saids to heighten concentration and improve sexual function and arousal - in clinical trials it has been shown to reduce depression and low mood( during menopause ) while supporting libido- although insomnia may be a side effect. ( ginseng may interfere with blood thinning medications and increase heart rate and blood pressure )

Tribulus ( Tribulus terrestris ) known as herbal viagra has been shown to increase sexual function in men and post menopausal women. It contains Steroidal saponins that are similar in structure to estrogen

“ Some menopausal women report a renewed interest in sex and desire ….interestingly in a study done the women that reported more satisfying sex both from an emotional and physical standpoint were more likely to rate sex as ´highly important ´at any age. Those who reported sex as ´not very important ´after menopause also tended to have depressive symptoms highlighting the impact of emotional health on on sexuality… having a healthy sex life at any age if you wish can be another invigorating aspect of your life during and after menopause ”The menopause brain . Lisa Mosconi

Note : Alcohol , lack of sleep and high stress levels can also impact your sex drive

So while aging is inevitable losing your sex drive does not have to be - and yes we should embrace each decade of our life and its changes with positivity

“ while physical challenges (erectile difficulties, for instance) occurred more frequently with age, the emotional side of sex appeared more fulfilling for people over 80. Men and women in this age bracket reported more shared sexual compatibility and emotional closeness than those in their 50s, 60s and 70s "


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