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Action Anti-Aging Today

#Bone density is something we take for granted until it’s gone .

But it does not have to be this way.

There are steps you can implement today to already start strengthening your bones and the by product is you will feel better , look better and be able to keep doing the activities you love . Playing golf , walking , opening bottles of wine 😉 getting down on the floor to play with grandkids , put your suitcase in the overhead locker when you fly to Barbados 😜 I think you get my drift ?

You see it’s not just the scenario of falling over and breaking a hip and then the lack of mobility which wastes your muscles and sends your head into despair - this period of forced rehab is a silent killer.

The good news is - it CAN be prevented by taking cautionary steps today. Pun intended.

Loading your muscles with resistance sends a signal to your bones to strengthen and become more dense and less breakable.

Your bones are like a savings account - over time the more training you put into them - the greater density you have to play with later on in life . Not paying attention to this or not paying into the savings account means when inevitable decline takes place with aging - you are starting at a much lower level so the robbing of the nutrients in your bones to keep the mineral  balance in the body makes them weaker and weaker.

Resistance training does much more than making your bones , tendons and muscles stronger though . It forces you to use your brain , increases brain matter , increases blood flow to the brain helping to keep your arteries unblocked and cancer cells from proliferating

It helps to keep the brain active , gives you more energy , improves balance and co-ordination meaning you are less likely to fall in the first place

Finally it helps prevent that drooping effect as your muscles waste away

Women particularly get hit hard with decreases in bone density during menopause  and the huge decline in estrogen ( yep thanks for that ) but men also suffer from drops in estrogen and bone density decreases eventually resulting in osteoporosis

Other things that can also decrease your bone density are - a poor diet lacking in optimum levels of nutrients like magnesium , calcium and vitamin D , low protein  ( which limits the ability to gain muscle and strength  ) and smoking.

Safe guard your body against all things that aging throws at us , and start today . You are never too old to start  training ! Strength improvements have been recorded in over  70 year olds .

Besides which training just makes you feel great !

If you are not motivated to resistance train 3 times a week on  your own - then get help. It could see the best investment you can make in your lifetime - it could save your life.


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