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Low magnesium accelerates aging and bone weakness

Magnesium is a critical mineral to our bodies - it is used in over 300 of our enzyme systems , including protein synthesis, nerve functions, blood glucose control , blood pressure regulation ,muscle function , regulating the beating of the heart , energy production and metabolism and it is also use to help us relax and sleep.

Lack of magnesium in the diet will leave you with muscle cramps , lack of energy , accumulation of cell damage and production of damaged and corrupted cells and mineral depletion in the bones causing weakness and susceptibility to breakage . An overall acceleration of aging.

One out of of two people are deficient in magnesium - 50% of the population.  We are not getting enough magnesium in our diets because we are not eating sufficient leafy greens and green veggies, foods today contain less magnesium than previously and to top it off we are continually subjected to high levels of stress. ( stress depletes magnesium )

Magnesium is critical for bone health . We store 60% of our magnesium in the skeleton ( bone ) , around 27% in our muscle tissue and 7% roughly in other cells . Magnesium works with vitamin D to strengthen and harden our bones .

What happens when the body detects low levels of magnesium circulating in the blood due to insufficient intake is that the body robs magnesium from reservoirs in our bones. Over time this depletion will lead to osteoporosis or weakness in our skeleton .

Magnesium :

Protects our cells :

It protects our DNA from damage - DNA - ( the code that programmes our body )

DNA is constantly under attack from free radicals through breathing, sun exposure, pollution , toxins, stress and so forth . Over time the if this build of cell corruption  continues it can result in cancer.

Studies have shown that higher magnesium levels were linked to a 40% lower all cause mortality risk and 50% less risk of dying from cancer .

Critical to a healthy brain and helping prevent dementia :

Magnesium is critical to a healthy brain . It protects our brain and helps it to work more efficiently. There is powerful evidence that insufficient magnesium accelerates brain volume loss - speeding up the onset of age related dementia and increases depression and brain related illnesses .

Dehydration :

Magnesium helps to balance electrolytes in the body and is crucial to keeping us hydrated. It lowers our blood pressure and maintains the healthy rhythm of our heart beat

Menopause :

Menopause and the disruption in our hormones can lead to losses in bone density so it is even more important to ensure your magnesium levels are optimal .


People who have migraines have been shown to also be deficient in magnesium . Taking higher doses of magnesium can help prevent the reoccurrence of migraines.

Athletes and sauna users - excess sweating :

Anything that causes you to sweat will accelerate the increase of magnesium excretion . Working out, sauna use, and getting very hot !


Increases in adrenaline and cortisol  ( stress hormones ) on magnesium levels significantly increases the excretion of magnesium ( in the urine ) extending quite some time after the stressful event . This includes  prior to combat , poor sleep, during exam periods ,  intense sports and periods of increased anxiety.

Alcohol , phytates and fiber :

All of these block the absorption of magnesium . In plants the best way to prevent this is through cooking or soaking and sprouting. Lentils and legumes are high in magnesium but the phytates and fiber contained within them will block the absorption - soaking and sprouting lentils will help to prevent this . Cooking plants high in chlorophyl or leafy greens ( the green part contains the magnesium ) will increase the absorption of the magnesium - other foods high in magnesium besides leafy greens and legumes are nuts , brown rice and ,mackerel.

The problem with magnesium is that we can only usually absorb around 50% of what ever we take in - this means we need to eat even more magnesium rich foods and supplement .

We all know about getting calcium to strengthen our bones - but yet we are not made aware of how important magnesium is too.  Hopefully you do now .

Blood tests are not the best way to measure how much magnesium you have but low levels in the blood will tell you that you definitely need to increase your intake .

Women generally need around 320mg per day and men around 420mg, physical active people or people sweating a lot ( saunas , working or living in hot countries ) need more .

There is no evidence that going above the RDA is harmful . Excess magnesium leads to diarrhoea and in fact I use it as part of my reset when programming . It is best to break up the intake of magnesium throughout the course of the day in separate doses as opposed to one single dose for better absorption  .

Best forms of magnesium :

Magnesium citrate , glycinate and taurate are the most bio-available or best sources of magnesium in supplement form

Magnesium threonate has received a lot of attention on improved brain function - but only a small amount of magnesium ingested crosses the blood brain barrier as the body tends to create a higher level in the blood but in the small case study done on animals  it did show  threonate was more effective in crossing the blood brian barrier than other forms of magnesium.

Taking magnesium glycinate also gives you some benefit from the glycine and added benefits from the taurine but magnesium threonate only contains a small amount of elemental magneisum- the three forms of magnesium : glycinate , citrate and taurate are your best doses of magnesium.

Taking extra magnesium when younger could be a Saftey belt against osteoporosis later on in life.

If you are aiming for a health life span, improved health span and want to optimise your fitness , energy and brian health then prioritising minerals like magnesium ( and Vitamin D ) and increasing levels with supplementation are important  . Essential minerals like magnesium can significantly  improve our health and this really highlights how todays living is taking its toll on our bodies as compared to previous ages.

There may well be a need for you to increase your individual uptake of magnesium.

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