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If you have excess fat around your middle now and you are 30 or 40,  you do not exercise , you eat too many processed foods , you have elevated blood pressure , you smoke and you are stressed ( this can also be in the form of excess worrying, financial pressures and work stresses ) … you are going into later life with less savings to play with .

As we age harmful cholesterols can increase in the body leading to heart disease and stroke risk Menopause raises harmful cholesterol in your body ; the change in your hormones mean your LDL increases along with total cholesterol , your blood pressure increases, you lose bone density and muscle mass and this puts you at a greater risk of a heart attack . Yep it sure ain’t glam.

Lp(a) is an LDL  ( Cholesterol ) particle  to be kept an eye on , its a little demon, its hereditary and higher in Black and Asians than Caucasians . It is 5-10% higher in women to men , It can change over the course of your lifetime , increasing after menopause and pregnancy , it is  both pro-inflammatory and pro-thrombotic ( a clotting of blood in the veins and arteries leading to heart attack or stroke  )

Apo B is a blood test that helps determine your risk of heart and blood vessel disease- much more accurate than a general lipid panel test

The fastest growing heart disease death rate is in women aged 45 to 65. Deaths from heart attacks are creeping up on cancer and yet people are still more aware of cancer and more scared of it despite the fact that women are 8-10 times more likely to die from a heart attack  .

Since 2010 cardiovascular disease has been rising in women at .5% per year. Heart disease is on track to over take cancer disease in younger women. 1/3 of women will have their first cardiac event before the age of 65 and 50% of men !!

People still believe heart attacks are a male disease and that women are at a lower risk   ( including clinicians ) which leads to the under treatment of women

Early onset of menopause can increase your risk of cardio vascular disease. Menopause increases visceral fat , and increases LDL , total cholesterol and blood pressure which is what led to the development of HRT - helping to increase estrogen which lowers LDL and helps to restore bone and muscle health  along with other menopausal symptoms .

The most horrifying statistic about heart attacks is that 90 % of these deaths could be prevented.

Being fit is one of the strongest factors to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

If you have a family history of heart disease this is a risk factor.

So if you are in your 30´s or 40´s you need to be in shape now - this applies to men too.

Think of your body as a bank account the more you pay into it earlier on in life with exercise, good nutrition and taking care over body composition- the more you have to play with when the recession starts later on in life.

Your preventative actions :

Ask your doctor for an ApoB test  ( which includes your LDL ) and check your Lp (a)

In women your cholesterol will vary depending on your cycle - get it checked on day 5 of your cycle every month ( if you are still ovulating ) .

Make sure you keep your body fat in check - if you are carrying excess body fat especially around the middle this puts you at risk

Eat a healthy diet - Mediterranean style - good quality proteins , fish , vegetables , fruits , good fats ( olive oil ) etc

Take regular exercise : cardio vascular exercise and strength training

Limit processed foods and processed meats ( bad fats and poor quality ingredients raise LDL and body fat )

Have your blood pressure checked regularly high blood pressure has compounding deleterious effects on your body

Get your stress in check - exercise really helps with this , try meditation and including things you enjoy - a hot bath , a walk with the dog - make a list of all the things you find relaxing and make time to do them

If you smoke you are almost three times more likely to die from a heart attack

Take time out with family , friends and people you care about . There is a huge mind and body connection - happiness starts int he head.

What is not checked does not get noticed. Please be proactive about your health .


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