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I am about to give you yet another reason to eat your veggies - specifically broccoli .

There is a magic compound found in Broccoli, broccoli sprouts ( but not broccoli rabe ) and red kale - that the body cleverly converts into “ sulforophane “ . This compound has an amazing effect of reducing inflammation in the body .

Reducing inflammation also helps reduce the incidence of prostate cancer ( and other cancers ) by reducing the doubling of PSA levels in the body by 86 % !!!!! it slows aging , protects the brain and detoxes the body shown to reduce the symptoms of lung related diseases, brain inflammation and autism and autoimmune diseases like altzhimers Parkinson's and Huntington’s,

All the cruciferous family which includes Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli , cauliflower, cabbage have a detoxifying effect which helps to eliminate toxins from your body and people who eat a diet high in cruciferous vegetables have higher health biomarkers against disease than those who do not

Sulforaphane specifically helps with the clearance of estrogen - estrogen dominance in males causes female like symptoms ( breast tissue ) and in women also becomes problematic .

The detoxification clears our bodies of some of the harmful chemicals and pesticides we are subjected to every day through food, water, air , cosmetics, cleaners, carpets and furniture etc . sulforaphane enhances their elimination

sulforaphane cranks up Glutathione - the body's most predominant detoxification mechanism and antioxidant

Clinical studies on glutathione in the plasma and in the brain. Show it naturally declines with age as early as in your 20s. supplementing with sulforaphane, helps to restore glutathione back to normal, or young healthy levels.

In a study rats were given sulforaphane before they were given a chemical that causes bladder cancer. Another group of rats were just given the chemical that causes bladder cancer. The rats that were given the dose of the sulforaphane did not develop bladder cancer. And if they did, the tumour's were much, much smaller in size.

“ firefighters ( dealing with constant air pollution ) studies have shown sulforophane reduced the toxic effects within 24 hours ! … in some cases by 60%

Sulforophane specifically is found in broccoli and red kale but it is 100 times greater in Broccoli sprouts ( If you do not know how to sprout then please message me and I am happy to help ) .

Sprouting is easy, economical and allows you to grow your own mini enzymes on your kitchen countertop in just days ! Without getting your hands dirty ! :-)

Prostate cancer usually develops in men over 65 - fairly rare amongst men under 40 - with the average age of diagnosis being around age 66 .

In the US Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related death , just behind lung cancer - men can be diagnosed with prostate cancer but usually only 1 man in 41 will die from prostate cancer.

Moringa ( from the horseradish family ) including Japanese radish, water cress, wasabi and mustard seeds all accelerate the effects of sulforphane - so try your broccoli sprouts in a salad with mustard seeds or for example broccoli and cheese soup with horseradish .

“12 people were given a gram of mustard seed , put it on top of their broccoli or if they were just given the gram, and then they ate the broccoli. Either way, they increased the sulforaphane by like 45% “

Simply by including more cruciferous vegetables in your diet you are adding fibre & bulk to fill you up, detoxifying your body, bumping up your vitamin and mineral levels and all for very little calories …. Learn to love veggies .

A warning note : If you are diagnosed with cancer, especially if it's metastasised, it may actually not be wise to take sulforaphane, or a supplement or to go heavy on broccoli.

we just don't know enough. We do know that up-regulating NRF2 protects cells. And when you think about it, with metastasised cancers, Those cells are growing faster than the rest of the cells around them, the rest of the body for that matter if you're an adult. They're growing fast, they're producing the products of respiration and oxidation, their mitochondria are cranking away. So if you support their mitochondria and enhance their ability to detoxify things, including perhaps cancer drugs, this may be a slippery slope. Dr Jed fahey

“ 60 milligrams of sulforaphane a day was shown to slow the biomarker prostate-specific antigen, or PSA ( risk of it ) slowed this by 86% “

The reason sulforophane is so effective in bladder cancer is that it is eventually excreted into the body waste removal - ending up being stored in the bladder as urine - you empty your bladder and immediately it starts filling back up again. So it is in direct contact with this area for extended periods of time

Supplements :

moringa leaf powder

Choose a supplement that contains both glucoraphanin ( precursor to sulforophane, ( critical to ensure its delivery ) , broccoli seed extract.

Pharmaceutical Supplemented; Prostaphane , Crucera SGS, Oncoplex, Avmacol , Vision Defence, MaxN-Fuze, MitoCORE

Brassica Protection products, Kuli Kuli Moringa powder, Cullman chemoprotection center


Eating a whole foods balanced diet rich in vegetables is one of your best tactics against cancer - furthermore eating lots of vegetables and fruit also promotes a healthy gut bacteria which in turn helps our immune system, our brains and ability to fight disease

Take away :

Study shows 60mg of sulforaphane slows doubling time of PSA in cancer patients by 86%. ... Bill Harris

Note if you are on medication check with your doctor .

Cancer is a bugger , we all know at least one person who has been diagnosed so PLEASE pass this information on to help them ?


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