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Your mind is your steering wheel - your inner computer . It controls where you go and how you will get there dependent on the information you feed it . Think its too hard  ? Then it will be too hard , Perceive stress as a bad thing  ? Then stress levels increase- perceive stress as a good thing  - a challenge allowing you to grow and develop ? stress levels are lower and a positive force in the body.

Stress after all causes change - it is the effect of stress that after a workout causes adaption, it is the stress in a nutritional plan that causes fat loss , stress before something important makes us think more clearly and focuses our mind ( think about giving a presentation , public speaking, a sports event )

Stress in life  challenges us and forces us to adapt in order overcome it .  Think about the stressful situations you have been in - but you dealt with them , learnt something,  improved and moved on. Looking back - it can be rewarding, satisfying that you overcame that challenge  and you also know that should it happen again you can deal with it - because you already have.

In a study done where people were told they would receive an electric shock as compared to people who were told they would have a 50% chance of receiving an electric shock. Those who had the 50% chance were the most stressed while those who were sure they were going to get an electric shock had very little stress - WHY ? Because if we know something is going to happen we are already prepared for it - whereas the uncertainty of not knowing if it will happen or not puts us in a state of constant stress

Glass half empty or glass half full - however you chose to perceive things will determine how your body handles it . Does challenge break you ? Or is it an opportunity for you to get better and develop yourself ? When things go wrong do you give up ?  Or use it to your advantage by overcoming it and getting better ?

Take 5 minutes to think how you perceive things : Do they happen to you Or for you ?

Making a target weight a goal ?  Or secretly doubting you are capable of ever getting

there ?

Losing body fat impossible so why even try  ? Or that you must undergo certain sacrifices and challenges to get there ?

How many goals do you give into because you perceive them as ´too hard ¨?

How many times do you give into the voice that tells you - you are not good enough, strong enough, fit enough, too old ?  - fill in the blank .

Your mindset really is everything . Sure  you need to exercise your body and eat nutritiously to fuel and recover from your workouts - and include foods that you know satiates you so that when you are hungry between meals - you can say “ hey I know its ok to be hungry because I am burning fat but I know I am eating in accordance with my long term goals “ or words to that affect

This of course  is dependent upon what you are trying to achieve with your goals . For fat loss to happen you need to have a calorie deficit - this entails putting up with a certain amount of hunger . And believing in yourself that you can do it .

If your goals are improvements in exercise, strength , sports events and performance then your vision and goals are  different  - thats why a ´one size fits all ´approach cannot work for everyone

How do you view healthy foods which will get you to your long term goals-  As depriving or boring and not filling ? Or delicious , tasty and satisfying ? Even if you are looking to gain muscle you need to fuel the machine with healthy nutrition to build that muscle , get those gains.

In a study of participants who were resistance training and given a placebo but told they were being given steroids ( which build muscle and strength and improve sports performance  ) - four weeks later when they were tested again ALL the individuals set personal records for EVERY exercise tested . Why ? Because they believed they would- even though the pill contained nothing

“When we believe a strategy works - we find ways to make it work ( the placebo effect ) - having a mind set of success pulls your mind into a focused state where you actively seek out all of the reasons you need to succeed “ ( James clear )

Imagine the results you could get if you tell yourself you can get them - your mind, body , heart , physiology , physiology - will all act in accordance with getting that achievement - what kind of perforce is waiting inside of you ?

All you lack is courage,  conviction and determination  to believe in yourself  and keep going even in the face of challenge, doubt and negativity from others - we all have a massive amount of untapped potential waiting to come out . We know so much about the universe, food, exercise, science - but we know very little about what our mids are capable of .

People who see growing older as a negative thing on average live 8 years less than people who embrace old age with determination and positivity .

I recently watched the remake of the film ´Society of the snow ¨ on Netflix - it is a true story about a rugby team whose plane crashes in the mountains of Chile - this demonstrates how, when all the factors are stacked against you - your survival is determined by your belief in survival

We all know of stories in the past where against all odds people have found their way, survived, become famous or geniuses, triumphed in sports - take some time to look at how ordinary people become extraordinary - it usually comes down to their mindset and beliefs.


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