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Open water swim weekend Part II

Just finished the second of two Open water swim weekends at #Thebestswimcenter and it was fantastic . Much like last weekend we did 3 days of open water swimming and one evening of technique in the glorious 50 meter pool. By the end of this weekend I was finally getting back into the swim rhythm which I have lost for the last few years . I am now determined to keep it up. I need to get back into the pool and practice my front crawl drills, my pull is not as strong as it should be .

The sea water right now is a little warm for me - I prefer it fresher but to have this beautiful ocean on our doorstep we are so lucky.I am just going to have to brave it :-)

Totals Km´- s I clocked around 9kms.

I do love the set up in Colonia San Jordi with# thebestswimcenter amazing outdoor 50 meter pool and then to swim along the shore of Es Trenc which was crystal clear ( don’t tell anyone but I actually managed to get tangled in some fishing line - I did not expect the lines to go out so far offshore .. oops slightly embarrassing )

Looking forward to getting back to the gym tomorrow - I think I will give the shoulders a rest though :-) … and I will defiantly sign up to a pool next week to start drill training again

. Maybe by next year I will be a bit quicker.


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