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Saturdays and sundays have become my summer #seaswim days. I just love to be in the water it feels amazing . Sometimes I buddy up with a client if its first thing in the morning and we are swimming offshore - its just safer . ... Peter Benchley ( Jaws ) ..has a lot to answer for :-) !!!

When in the water it is important to be completely relaxed otherwise you use up valuable swim energy.

A sea swim should be meditative , relaxing, refreshing and good for you in so many ways- for me its the most magical feeling- escapism.

Usually knock out between 2-4km love every minute

When I’m in the water all my triathlon memories come flooding back - the 2km swim before the 90 km bike before the half marathon.

I love to sea swim but I was always so nervous prior to the start of the swim- everyone is hanging around waiting for the start and then once the horn blows a mad dash into the water- you get kicked in the head, your googles get ripped off ….and if the sea is rough … urrrgghhh… ( this is just my personal take on a very busy triathlons - please do not let this put you off competing - its absolutely the best thing ever which is why I was completely addicted for many years, completing every triathlon on the island many times over )

However my swim this morning was far from a race. It was amazing to be back in the water again. Thank you - the perfect way to start a weekend - and how lucky we are to have this beautiful turquoise ocean right on our doorstep.

Tip : I was cold when I got out so the water is still quite fresh - just to warn you .However the benefits of cold open water swimming are…..

  1. Helps with depression

  2. Helps with insomnia

  3. The minerals in the water are very beneficial ( try to leave the sea water on your skin afterwards before showering )

  4. Great for your fitness

  5. No impact

  6. increases grey matter in the brain

  7. If it is cold water the benefits to cognition and fat burning are immense

This abstract interviewed six regular sea swimmers who found sea swimming to be :




Tip - re hydrate !!!! you would be amazed how much water you loose by swimming.

Personally - I just love swimming in the sea!

The picture of the swim above was the 4km sportif along the Cala Blava coastline - recommended


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