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Aging is inevitable , its going to happen - BUT losing your health and functional capability is NOT - this is within your control to some extent.

Every day , week and year that passes - sadly we are degenerating , losing our muscle mass, losing our fitness , our brain capacity , energy and so forth … sounds very negative… but its not - we CAN counterbalance ALL these things with ONE SINGLE MAGIC PILL …. What is it ? EXERCISE !!!!!!

Yes indeed by using exercise correctly we can internally have the body a decade or so younger . Sure we may gain some wrinkles - although exercise also helps with the collagen in your skin and can give you a more youthful appearance - furthermore it can increase the length of something called Telomeres - in short biologically making us younger

So if cardio vascular or aerobic/ anaerobic exercise can help to make us look , feel and function as a younger person:- and weight training or resistance training our muscles can help us to hold onto our muscle mass giving us not only a more youthful appearance.

The connection between strength and longevity is highly correlated - yes - holding onto or increasing your strength is related to how long and healthy you will live.

The biggest cause of death and injury is falling - losing your balance , weak muscles, bad reflexes and everything that degenerates through lack of stimulation through exercise .

… once the fall happens - weeks of incapacitation I.e not using your muscles at all - leads to further muscle wasting , plus the physiological affects of not being able to move sends us down a negative spiral

So why not stop all this before it happens ?

Why not counterbalance aging with some strength training and short bursts of exercise combined with some walking ? It does not need to begin with monster changes

… I can coach you through this making it fit into your busy timetable - getting you on track with your nutrition - losing the body fat which has been accumulating over the years and again another health risk… making YOU accountable can change your life .

If you think you don’t have time to exercise or you don’t want to put your nutrition in order - then I would say how do you want to face old age ? Because whilst at the moment it feels like something you can ignore until later - it is happening to all of us every day . And the worst thing you can do is be sedentary and continue to incrementally gain body fat .

Reach out and book a call with me and lets chat about how this can fit into your lifestyle ?

Maybe its not for you ? Maybe its for someone you care about - having a third party come in is much easier than you trying to solve the issue yourself - we never listen to the people close to us !

PS I have seen people in their 70´s benefit from resistance training, stretching and cardio vascular activity - yes mono skiing at 75 years old ! ( retired ex entrepreneur )


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