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If you screw your nose up - all I can say is : Do you like pate ?

Most people ( who eat meat obviously ) do .

Liver is packed with goodies and an excellent nourishment for those adrenals which if you are highly stressed - your adrenals are under attack .

Stress can be in many forms- pressure from work or home life, long hours, bad food choices , excess training , alcohol , lack of sleep and so on.

Liver is a first class source of protein and bursting with vitamins and minerals specifically those involved in metabolism, growth and repair all necessary while training and adapting to improved #athletic #performance.

Liver is abundant in vitamins - especially B12 but most of the other Bs too, iron and Zinc., A, D, E, K , choline , folate and magnesium.

#KH´S LIVER PATE ets with veggies:.ngevity , #recovery and performance especially for anyone training. part time or full time athlete- yes you are ! If you engage in regular sports activity then you are indeed an at#

I like to buy organic liver if possible . ( grass fed , pasture raised )

I spread it on carrot , celery and cucumber sticks or smooth it into a Nori sheet pack in some veggies and take a few for lunch. Boom the KH nutrition bomb !


The liver is a detoxing organ therefore unhealthy liver sources will be rich in unhealthy and inflammatory toxins.

If you find the flavour of liver not to your liking, try soaking in coconut milk for 24 hours, discarding the milk prior to cooking.

Ingredients :

225g liver chicken or cows from a good source. ( amount for two people to eat in a week) A small onion diced. (using a red onion here increases the antioxidant value) 4 tablespoons of grass fed butter (Kerrigold) 4 tablespoons of coconut oil 1 cup of mushrooms chopped 1 boiled egg Optional - add some coconut milk ( 1/4 cup) small bunch of fresh sage (optional)- remove from stalks. (you can also use dried sage or rosemary - just a small pinch to taste)


Slice liver and gently braise in a pan on the stove top with the onions on a very low heat. Once browned and fairly firm to the touch add the mushrooms and quickly cook , add the sage too if you are using it. Cool and empty into a container to blend - either by hand or using a food processor/ liquidiser type gadget.

Add remainder of the ingredients with a teaspoon of local Mallorcan or Himalayan sea salt and freshly ground pate and blend. Pour into some small glasses or containers and chill in the fridge until firm.

Serve with some griddle or baked aubergine slices or in nori wraps(seaweed slices) or roll into large lettuce leaves . Also delicious on the side of a salad or green steamed veggies. TIP You can freeze pate too but it will loose its creamy consistency.

Pate in Nori sheets with veggies:

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