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Bring my training into your living room :

A positive outcome from the global lockdown for me has been the #GroupandPersonalonlinetrainingclasses.

I have been providing #FitnessInspiration :The bringing together of people all over the world to workout .

In all honesty I cannot take all the credit for this - my loyal side kick a naughty whippet called Lilly who has taken quite a shine to the camera makes a star appearance - hoping to not be put in the box with all the other 1000´s of #onlinetraining videos.

´We´ have been in charge of lifting peoples spirits and filling them with positive energy for the day.

A wonderful job - I’m feeling very useful right now . Especially since I’m stuck at home and not caught up in my usual pursuit of charging around the island training my clients.

Every weekday I am doing a group facebook ´live´ workout - simply log into my page - send ,e a friend request ?( katie handyside ) which has been running every weekday at 11.00 - do join in and ask friends , family and colleagues to join ? Its my attempt at trying to help in a bit of a rubbish situation !

I have also been lucky enough to aquire #onlinecorperatetraining for global companies who are looking to motivate their staff for the day - since their staff being locked down at home is not optimal .

It has been a really amazing experience to reach out to these people whom I have never met in person - but manage to get them motivated and positive for the upcoming work day.- I have some new virtual friends - thank you guys !

Many of these corporate teams are now under very stressful conditions whilst some business will fail during this epidemic others will boom , people look to invest money in stocks that are low or have the foresight to start up services that will will be in huge demand in this global rollercoaster- who brings it all together and gets it done ? the #workforce

Staff are now spending even more time sitting since the commute to and from work is not happening- now at home at a work station perhaps not ideal for spending the whole day seated. And in some cases working longer hours than usual.

“Katie has been doing fantastic morning sessions with us the past couple of weeks and we have tackled our jobs in a far more productive and energetic way! She's very friendly and demonstrates the workout examples in a very simplified way.. I would highly recommend Katie for all stages of Health & Fitness! A+” Mark Scanlan

I googled the top 10 tips of scientifically improving and motivating your workforce -Number 3 :#´Rewards´- rewarding them with training may seem odd at the outset but when they start to feel great afterwards it not only improves their well being but this filters through to work ethic. happy and motivated staff that #riseandgrind scientifically improve at work.


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