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Healthy meals do not have to take long to prepare - I have neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours deliberating over meals. #personaltrainerpalma #personaltrainermallorca and #luxurypersonaltrainer is giving you top tips on how to throw together quick and super nutritious meals - that will not only nourish your body but stop cravings, keep you fuller for longer and optimise your cognitive function . I am all about #maximisingenergy and using time efficiently.

  1. Always have bone broth cooking in the slow cooker- ( bone broth blog to follow ) or in the fridge or freezer- perfect for soups, stews or to be eaten as it is ( highly nutritious )

  2. Always have sprouts soaking or growing - if you have too many you can always freeze them and then throw them in a smoothie

  3. Always have basic vegetables in the fridge that are easy to grab in a hurry . Personally I love carrots, celery, cucumber , peppers ( although to some people these can cause inflammation or trigger hunger ) blueberries, pink grapefruits, capers and olives

  4. Mixed greens and fresh herbs which I always toss into every sala

  5. Raw nuts and seeds

  6. Extra virgin olive oil, MCT and or C8 Caprilic acid and kerrigold butter

  7. Soft poached eggs ( always organic )

  8. Sardines and anchovies in olive oil

  9. Horseradish, english mustard, selection of curried powders and spices

  10. sea salt

So todays #katiehandyside #quickhealthymeals was : A random salad - my favourite !

Who gets bored eating the same thing every day ? not me ! says #personaltrainerpalma, #personaltrainercalvia, #personaltrainerportals

This is what I ate today and why :

Soft poached eggs - amazing source of fats, protein, vitamin B, A, D and E, folate , choline and omega 3 and 6.

Broccoli sprouts ( not rabe as they do not contain sulforphane ) - sulforophane ( see up coming blog for why this is so important ) in a nut shell , fabulous for anti-aging, detoxing the body and protecting the cells from cancer or DNA damage. Sprouting is also a fabulous way to eat live food and has a host of vitamins and minerals

Carrots -Great source of fibre, vitamin A and C , potassium , vitamin K1, and other antioxidants including beta carotene.

Avocado - excellent source of good fats, potassium, Vitamin B and C minimal magnesium and folate

Capers - Quercetin - anti aging and anti viral. mainly otherwise mainly potassium.

Mixed greens - magnesium, fibre, water, potassium

Parmesan - mainly calcium and saturated fat but a ´safer´cheese to eat - usually unprocessed , aged and made from raw cows milk so it is not pasteurised which means it is loaded with nutrients. Plus the fact a little goes a long way.

Caprilic acid is a great way to boost your energy , increase satiety signals and help you stay fuller for longer. It also helps to banish cravings, is excellent for the brain and a very clean source of energy for the body. Use sparingly to begin with as it can lead to needing to go to the bathroom quickly . ( I personally found this out when I use it as my triathlon fuel - back in the days when I was competing )

Olive oil is a great way to reduce ghrelin the hunger hormone - plus it is full of healthy fats for the body.

I never use salad dressings and for gods sake stay away from store bought salad dressings - just because they say organic this is not a ticket for health. These dressing contain sugars and bad fats. which make us fat and hungry

I love masses of good love oil and unprocessed sea salt. Sometimes I add curry powder to spice things up and a splash of caprilic acid to boost my energy and help keep me full.


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