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Join our #Christmaschallenge #fitnotfat #40x4 this means 40 minutes of exercise four times a week from now until January. Join our facebook and instagram group : #katiehandysidepersonaltrianing

Here you will also find our at- home lockdown workouts #keepcalmkeepontraining and #riseandgrind

#40x4 - Easy for some but NOT for others who juggle busy jobs, family life or other responsibilities and the general hectic nature of Christmas and its associated festivities.

Exercise can be especially challenging in these busy times unless you have a #mobilepersonaltrainer like me !! who rocks up and you have no other option but to fulfil your #persoanltraining session with your awesome #personaltrainerpalma #katiehandysidepersonaltraining.

Best way to reach your goals is by working with a #personaltrainer and if you have a #mobilepersonaltrainer then you do not need to worry about the logistics nor excuses of going or NOT going to the gym or worry yourself about this whole COVID pandemic

So what´s the deal with 40 minutes of exercise 4 times a week ?

It turns out simply 40 minutes 3-4 times a week is enough to sustain the incredible positives below along with many others - what are you waiting for ??? #personaltrainerpalma #mobilepersoanltrainermallorca #personaltrainermajorca

  • Exercise helps to reduce weight and stabilises blood sugar levels ( high blood glucose leads to increased fat storage and weight gain )

  • Exercise Post eating helps prevent the storing of food as body fat , exercise pre -eating helps to reduce fat storage by the uptake of glucose into the muscle that you have just been working

  • Exercise helps to reduce Type 2 Diabetes and can help to get rid of type 2 diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels and shifting excess weight

  • Exercise builds stronger bones and muscles and helps prevent Osteoperosis.

  • Exercise helps to lessen the effects of arthritis.

  • Exercise enhances cognition - Making you smarter. In fact if you want to remember something - for example when you are studying for an exam then go for a run - post run what you were studying prior should be firmly fixed in your brain.

  • Exercise boosts your mood by the release of endorphins and reduces depression.

  • Exercise lowers blood pressure and heart rate in the long term and therefore reduces the likeliness of a heart attack.

  • Exercise increases Longevity by increasing telomere length

  • Exercise helps to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease - especially recommended to work with a #personaltrainer

  • Exercise helps with sleep - combats insomnia- however do not participate in vigorous exercise within 2 hours of bed as it can have the reverse effect

  • High intensity exercise boosts mitochondrial density ( enhances energy and the potential to produce energy at cellular level )

  • Exercise Increases muscle mass, strength and power

  • Exercise in older populations improved function in just 6 months - you are never too old to start exercising !!!. Studies have proved you can increase muscle mass, strength and improve health factors regardless of age

  • Exercise promotes Anti aging - not only can exercise help you to stop accelerated aging it can also help to keep you young

You may well call me bias (!) but I can highly recommend exercise as not only an excellent daily habit for the rest of your life because once you get the bug if you do not exercise you do not feel normal. But was this the normal ? In the caveman days if we sat around we would starve or be eaten - or both.

Exercise has historically been a part of every day life for survival and therefore is built into our genes therefore surely it is not surprising that we became sick ,fat and died- when we started sitting around ?

Photography credit #josephinerains #@josie_seemallorca


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