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Number 1 : book or gift some #luxury #personaltraining sessions to yourself or a loved one. Ready to start in January with myself : #personaltrainerpalma - well I would be silly not to mention myself right ???

Other tactics :

  1. Fasting window 16 hours or more. This means not eating or drinking anything other than water, black tea or coffee during your ´fast´. I use an app called #zero which helps you to log your fasting progress. It has been proven that keeping your eating and drinking window to 8 hours or less is not only beneficial for #weigh- loss but equally elicits many other #health benefits

  1. Try to stop eating and drinking early on in the evening ( avoid late night eating !!!! …). In another weight loss study two groups ate the same number of calories but one group stopped eating at 15.00 ( after lunch ) the other in the evening after dinner. The group that stopped eating after lunch lost significantly more weight over time, slept better and had more energy in the morning . To mention just a few of the overall benefits

  1. Always start and end your eating window with protein. Protein lowers the GI index of food- essentially this means it helps to stop your body storing what you eat as body fat . The body responds differently to fat and protein than it does to carbohydrates ( sugar ). Protein unless eaten in excess will not be turned into fat but will be taken up by the muscles to repair and restore the broken tissue

  1. Do a fasted morning exercise session. Fasted #exercise first thing in the morning burns body fat. So by far the best way to burn off that Christmas bulge is to wake up and get some exercise - #strength training, cardio - what ever you fancy . You may find you do not have the energy to begin with but persevere - this is simply your body failing to tap into your stored energy ( body fat ) as it has become a carbohydrate burner ( reliant on food for energy ) The moment you teach your body to use its own fat ( lets face it most of us have plenty )you will have much more energy and be able to do longer bouts of exercise before you run out of steam. Try my #riseandgrind and #keepcalmkeepontraining videos - body weight at home routines #lillythefitnessdog and I produced over Lockdown

  1. Join #strava and sign up to one of their challenges . Again a motivational app you can download to your phone which logs all your exercise. Personally I just use it for cardio sessions not my gym sessions which are all focused around #strength-training. I suggested over Christmas to do #40x4 so I have to do 40 minutes of running and swimming 4 times a week. This target I thought would be an easy one for everyone to undertake without feeling overwhelmed. Remember your goals should always be attainable - other wise you will not fulfil them

  1. Try not to avoid the ´what the heck´ response. Its easy especially with all the chaos going on in the world right now to think bugger it and let yourself go. Try not to let Christmas snowball into endless days of pigging out. Remember your #health and weightless goals and how far you have come . Keep strong, indulge but don’t go completely bonkers every day. you will only regret it come January. What goes on must come off and its twice as hard to get it off !!!! You can always share around any excess food you accumulate with friends , neighbours or the homeless. Christmas is a time to give, love and spread kindness.

Remember its not just what you do over Christmas its the other 364 days of #healthy-habits that are important. So resume your healthy habits between the days of indulgence. you can always share your #challenges or #sports feats on my page #katiehandysidepersonaltraining on facebook or instagram - being part of a community is very #motivational . #personaltrainerpalma


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